Aloha Mana


Rates based on 2 adults staying

NZ$250 per night - 5 nights minimum stay.

Weekly rate - NZ$1600 - additional nights NZ$150.

Monthly rate - NZ$5000.

Additional guest rates NZ$50 per night. Maximum of four guests.

Discounts may apply for stays over a month and long-term rentals considered at certain times of the year ... just ask.

Rates include all government taxes.

Availability Calendar (Click here)

A deposit of NZ$250 is required for each booking.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation prior to 60 days of arrival - Deposit returned less any bank fees incurred.
Cancellation within 60 days of arrival - Deposit retained
Travel Insurance Protection is recommended.

For enquiries and reservations email:

If Aloha Mana is not suitable to your requirements or unavailable at time you request we have friends with houses, resorts and holiday villas that we can refer you to.